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Types of Palm Trees

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There are four different common types of palm trees in Las Vegas.

Washingtonia Robusta (Mexican Fan Palm) The first is the Mexican Fan Palm or Washingtonia Robusta.
Mexican fan palms are characterized by their tall, slender trunk. They can reach heights in excess of 75 feet.
Palm trees that have not had the skins removed well have a rough looking trunk. Although fan palms are more tolerant of drastic pruning we recommend pruning to a 10 o’clock and 20 o’clock position.
Leaving a sufficient number of fronds is necessary to maintain health and longevity.

Washingtonia Falifera (California Palm Tree) The second type of common palm tree in Las Vegas is the California Fan Palm or Washingtonia Filifera.
California Fan Palms are very similar to Mexican Fan Palms except they are greater in diameter and do not grow as tall.
The fronds and seed pods are also larger and heavier. Consequently the cost to trim these sand palms will be more.

Phoenix Canariensis (Canary Date Palm)Canary Date Palms or Phoenix Canariensis are the third most common palm tree in Las Vegas.
We recommend pruning date palms between May 1 and June 4.
If they are trimmed before May you will get new date stocks that emerge and create a mess. Trim them after early June and they will become much more difficult. This is due to the ripening of the fruit. As the date stocks become heavy with fruit it is much more difficult to remove them. The ripe dates fall to the ground and leave what looks like bloodstains on the sidewalk and other hard surfaces. Due to the greatly increased difficulty of pruning them after this date the price increases.

Phoenix Dactylifera (Date Palm) The fourth most common palm tree in Las Vegas is the Date Palm or Phoenix Dactylifera.
This feather palm is characterized by a rough trunk approximately 18 inches in diameter and grows to approximately 60 feet high.
They are less tolerant of drastic pruning and should be left much fuller. Many companies prune them incorrectly causing harm to both their anesthetics and beauty.
The female variety in the presence of pollen, produces profuse quantities of dates, which can be a huge nuisance as they ripen and fall.

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