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Mesquite Tree Trimming

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Mesquite trees are the most commonly planted trees in most neighborhoods throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Before Mesquite Tree Trimming

They grow very fast and do not require a lot of water.
Because they grow so fast they have to be trimmed once a year or they will grow so big and heavy they will split in half or fall over.

Mesquite trees require the most pruning. Many mesquites need to have 50% of their branches removed just to keep the tree from overgrowing and killing themselves.

After Mesquite Tree rimming

Mesquite trees grow so fast they require a lot of branches be removed every year to keep up the nice, clean and trimmed look. It is very important to keep a mesquite tree balanced and even; because the roots on a mesquite grow very close to the top of the ground and do not stabilize the tree very well.

We will cut a lot of branches out of the middle to let the wind blow though it and make the tree even so the weight will not pull the tree to one side and make it fall over.

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